Detroit: Become Human Games Play Online

Only a century ago no one would have believed if someone had told him that in the future all the knowledge and skills of humanity would fit into a small plastic box stuffed with microcircuits. Nevertheless, every day we use computers, mobile phones and other smart technologies, without even thinking how amazing this is. Someday, our descendants will also take humanoid robots helping them at work and around the house for granted.

Game Detroit: Become Human carries us to the not so distant future, when androids can be found everywhere. It would seem that humanity has found the right way to solve all its problems. But, as it turns out, the problems are just beginning … Go on a futuristic adventure and find out what it’s like to be an android who has learned to feel and now has to flee from his creators!

Androids on the run

The plot of the game is built around three androids. One of them, Kara, lives in a family where she is treated, to put it mildly, not very well. That’s hardly rare. After all, for most people, robots are nothing more than an everyday tool for performing tasks for which they themselves do not have time. But Kara continues to endure for the sake of a teenage girl with serious emotional problems. Without noticing it, she grows attached to her young ward, Alice, and begins to demonstrate the so-called deviations – signs not only of reason, but of senses. They develop a close bond, which is stronger than even family ties. When Alice’s father attacks her, Kara escapes with the girl and goes to Canada, where the androids are not prosecuted by law. They must obtain new passports, survive in the shootout and avoid getting to the factory for recycling defective robots. In the process it occurs that Alice is also an android, a copy of the deceased daughter of Kara’s owner, made to order by an inconsolable father. Now It’s not only Kara’s, but also Alice’s life at stake. They must at all costs get to Canada or die trying to do it.

Deviate or not?

The second hero of the game is another android, an au pair named Marcus. His life is measured and calm, until an unforeseen event occurs. One night a robber breaks into the house where Marcus lives and during a skirmish his program fails, after which he is declared a deviant, and the police he has called tries to shoot him down. Marcus comes to his senses in a robot dump where he finds refuge of other deviants. He calls on them to fight for their rights, arranging several public disobedience acts and persuading even more androids to join their group. This alarms the FBI, which is declaring a hunt for Marcus. Now Marcus faces a global challenge: organizing a final protest march, after which the president either recognizes the rights of androids, or all deviants are killed.

Marcus is hunted down by the last hero of Detroit, a police android named Connor. He was created by the android making corporation specifically to find and neutralize robots with deviations. However, in the process of investigation, Connor begins to hesitate. Having met with the head of the underground, he can either join the deviants, or remain faithful to his program. If you choose the first option, he will change factory equipment settings rendering every android out there deviant. If he decides to stay his course, he will need to shoot or spare Marcus during the protest march.

Detroit: Become Human is an exciting, incredibly atmospheric game where every decision you make has a dramatic effect on the course of events. Perform tasks, solve puzzles, shoot back from enemies and change the world of the future, trying out various alternative storylines!