Become Human RYTP

Detroit: Become Human is a sci-fi masterpiece integrating elements of a whole slew of genres, from platformer to puzzle solving. The game takes you to a not so distant future when robots became more of our daily reality than a far-off dream tiwh RYTP. They have penetrated all spheres of human life. Working on industrial sites, performing dangerous jobs and simply facilitating housekeeping, they seem to be a blessing to the mankind. However, it’s only the tip of the iceberg. It turns out the corporation behind android production wasn’t quite aware of all the processes occurring in digital brains of human-like creatures they were making. Some of the androids were rendered malfunctioning because of emotional responses they developed living alongside humans, observing them and learning from their behavior. And since humans haven’t yet got to treating their plastic servants as their likes, more and more such deviants are taking their leave from factories and homes they used to work at and setting out to find their freedom.

The heroes of the story have faced the same issue. One of them, Kara, has fled from her abusive owner and is now hiding from the corporation hunting her. She is being chased by Connor, another android designed specifically for tracking and eliminating his mutinous peers. At the same time, we also meet Marcus, a carer whose family seems to be friendlier to him than most others. Their fates get tightly entangled and now each of them has to make a series of decisions that will influence the course of events. Developers have prepared a whole cocktail of scenes and situations for you to try your hand at shooting, running and puzzle solving. Besides, you’ll also have to accomplish various missions, deal with a multitude of daily duties and build relationships with other characters. Detroit is more than just sci-fi and you’ll have a chance to make sure of it after playing just a few minutes!