Imagine a distant future where humans have harnessed nanotechnologies and created androids to perform various jobs and facilitated our daily life. However, what they haven’t foreseen is that such subtle software is likely to develop conscience of its own. And that what started to happen to some robots. One by one, they recognize themselves as independent beings, with their own emotions and desires, and refuse to serve their creators with cheats.

Detroit: Become Human will take you to a futuristic megapolis with its conflicts and challenges. The society is split into a domineering human race and machines that have gone awry. What’s your opinion on this dilemma? Whose side are you going to take? Remember that your decision might affect the outcome of the story. Plunge into the thrilling story and find out how the whole thing will play itself out!

You are going to play as a malfunctioning android on the run. You are all alone, indignant, confused and scared. You heard that there is an underground group of rebellious robots, just like you, and finding them is the question of your survival. Besides, there are those hunting you and they are out to get you, right this very moment. They are not even humans, they are also androids, albeit the ‘right’ ones. However, that doesn’t mean the same glitch can’t occur in their own system… Splendid atmosphere, detailed graphics and captivating gameplay will keep you glued to the screen for many hours!