Detroit: Become Human 2

Androids… We are looking forward to their advent hoping they will help our kind live and evolve more efficiently. But do we give a thought to possible issues that might bring along? Detroit: Become Human 2 offers its own version of how this could be. You’ll get inside the head of one of the three androids, the game’s protagonists, and find out how they perceive the world, what they think and feel. But robots aren’t supposed to feel, you might object. That’s right, they aren’t. However, when there are such sophisticated technologies and subtle substances at play, you can never foresee the result.

The company behind android production thought it had everything under control. But things have gone awry when some androids started demonstrating signs of critical thinking and emotional capacity. They refused to follow orders and wanted to be treated like personalities. That’s why many of them have fled from their owners and are now in hiding somewhere in the huge, crowded megapolis. Tracking them here, among all these people, is almost impossible. The only chance to succeed is to send another android on this mission. That’s how the paths of all three Detroit heroes cross. How will things play out? It’s up to you to decide!

The game has multiple subplots and alternative endings. The outline of the story can vary based on your choices, so carefully weigh your every step! Of course, that won’t be easy given the abundance of activities available and the dynamic flow of events. Since everything that happens within the game evokes strong emotional response and every character arises as a complex personality, sometimes it’s just hard to act based on sheer reason. You might repeatedly find yourself making decisions in the heat of the moment, just like in real life, and that’s yet another of Detroit’s appealing sides. With the incredible atmosphere of a tech-driven urban future and imminent disaster looming on the horizon in a seemingly prosperous city, you are sure to get absorbed by the story from the very first minutes of gameplay! Face the bitter android dilemma and get out of a menacing fix where you ended up after your bold escape in Detroit: Become Human!