Detroit: Become Human 2019

A few decades ago we couldn’t even imagine that very soon the best minds of cybernetic science will discover artificial intelligence and that it will be used so widely in all spheres of modern life. Look at what we have: computers, smart devices, nanotechnologies… Even now there are researches working on the first human-like robots that will be capable of not only performing some technical functions, but actually emulating human behavior. In that light, a question arises: can such elaborate software emulate the most sophisticated thing we have, something that radically distinguishes us from machines – emotions and free will?

In Detroit: Become Human 2019, you will face an issue described in tons of sci-fi books and movies – robots that can feel and that want to gain freedom from their creators. The story centers around three protagonists, one of them being the head of android mutiny, the second a freshly turned deviant on the run and, finally, the third a cop, another android, tasked with capturing her and bringing back to the headquarters of their home corporation. You’ll find yourself in a huge neon-packed megapolis of the future where you’ll have to make a long and hurdled way from a heartless machine blindly following orders to a new stage of evolution combining enhanced physical abilities, razor-sharp intelligence and self-conscience.

Every choice you make affects the storyline and can sway the outcome of the events one way or another. Is the load of newly gained desires and fears too much for you to handle? Will you do everything it takes to escape the fate of returning to the factory and being turned back into a walking and talking thing without any sign of identity? Will you embrace your new self or give up? Check out every possible ending of this thrilling story!