Detroit Become Human 3

Creation of human-like robots isn’t too far. Even now there are certain researches attempting to make a piece of plastic successfully perform various tasks while imitating human behavior. We call that artificial intelligence, but can it evolve into artificial conscience? The heroes of Detroit are androids issued by a large corporation to help its customers around the house and with other chores. However, there seems to be a glitch in their system. More and more they realize themselves as independent creatures with their own emotions and desires. They become capable of critically assessing their lives and the attitude they get at home. And some of them are unwilling to put up with it.

Kara, a housekeeping robot, decides to leave her family in search of her own destiny. But the corporation won’t let her go that easily. They send Connor, a fully trained, advanced police android, to find her and remove the threat all deviants pose. Will she be able to escape the imminent demise and, most importantly, will Connor bring himself to killing her? After all, he starts experiencing some signs of deviant behavior himself… There is also another character at play, Marcus, whose role in the events is yet unclear. Explore the giant megapolis, run for your life, solve puzzles, make choices and change the course of the story! With each decision on your behalf, the events can take a drastic turn leaving plenty of opportunities to replay the game time and again. This isn’t just another sci-fi inspired action, it’s a full-blown detective with a solid portion of emotional involvement. Play Detroit: Become Human on our site and see for yourself!