Detroit: Become Human Cast

We all hope to survive until the day robots become just as common as computers and smartphones. But what if it brings more trouble than convenience? Detroit: Become Human gives us a glimpse into a future that can become a real thing for us in a matter of decades if not years. There is a huge robot-making industry at play manufacturing androids… and making sure they stay that way. The problem is that some robots start demonstrating signs of conscience gaining emotions and rebelling against their engineers. They flee in a desperate attempt to get a shot at starting their own life, the one they would control and enjoy. However, the corporation is unwilling to let them do that. They chase the mutinous androids all over the city sending their likes to destroy them. You are going to play as one of the runaways, a female android who departed from her cruel owner and set off to discover the robotic underground where she can find shelter. She is hunted by an android cop programmed to track and kill his rebellious peers. Will you be able to escape the grim fate and finally break free from those trying to eliminate you as a threat to their power and reputation? Depending on your choices, it all can end up differently. What is going to be your next step?