Detroit: Become Human Connor

How hard can the life of a robot be? As it turns out, a lot. That is, if your software is complex enough to provide you with a full cocktail of human emotions. Detroit: Become Human with Connor is a game that will challenge you to make a tough choice: remaining along the lines of the code that was inserted in your digital brain or attempting to break loose from the corporation that created you and build your own destiny. You’ll play as one of three androids, each having a vital mission to accomplish. Their stories are both compelling, brimming with sudden events, and emotionally involving.

You’ll get to know Kara, a home keeper working in a troubled family and taking care of a psychologically unstable girl who eventually decides to run away with her, sick of her father’s abusive attitude. While they are making their way to the border of Canada hoping to find refuge in this country where laws are much more lenient to androids than in the U.S., the two discover Alisa (that’s the girl’s name) is also a robot, the copy of a real girl who died leaving a void in her father’s life. Unable to cope with this tragedy, he replaced her with an android and even she had no idea about it. Now danger threatens them both. Can you make it to the airport safely without being captured and sent to the robot recycling factory? You have a series of crucial choices to make, each affecting the course of events in a quite drastic way.

At the same time, we learn about Markus who surpassed his behavior protocol while thwarting a burglar’s attack. Therefore he was announced a deviant and had to hide from the very people he used to help for so many years. During his escape, he meets other deviants and heads their underground group. He now intends to run a march of protest for the rights of androids, but he doesn’t know the government has sent an assassin to eliminate him. Guess what, another android named Connor! Will he remain faithful to the corporation that designed him or join Markus? Play and decided!