Detroit: Become Human for PC

Living through the stories of three main heroes, you are going to explore crime scenes and take decisions in stressful situations that can alter the way the events turn and change crucial episodes of the game. Imitating aspects of detective mode in Arkham’s Batman and giving you insight into how HUD exploits your android abilities, Detroit’s investigative parts may not be very innovative, but they succeed brilliantly in integrating the player into the narrative.

The ability to reshape the story based on the player’s choices makes the game rather replayable if you are willing to step over yourself just to see how the events will take a different direction. And even if you decide to complete it only once, you’ll be definitely carried away by a fascinating sci-fi narrative with a good portion of psychology and philosophy. After all, it’s not too far into the future until robots become a habitual part of our life and some of the issues raised in the game might well await us a few decades ahead.

Although some elements of the story might seem a bit heavy, the cinematic technique has made a great step forward compared to other Quantic Dream games. Some moments are genuinely subtle, once again showing us the studio doesn’t stand still. The visuals are also high-end, giving you a complete sense of immersion as you make your way through a futuristic neon-lit city with its multiple, painstakingly detailed locations and amazing atmosphere of a crowded yet so lonely megapolis. There is a lot more to say here, but you’d better check it out for yourself playing Detroit online on our site!