Science doesn’t stand still. Every year, new inventions come into the scene and the day our life is fully tech-driven is not too far away. One of the most cherished dreams of mankind is designing robots that look and behave like us yet have higher physical and intellectual abilities making them fit to perform a wide range of tasks that are challenging for humans. In Detroit: Become Human, that breakthrough has been achieved. Robots are used in all spheres of life, be it simply home caring or orbital research. They work with heavy factory equipment, handle complex computing and pioneer the open space. But this idyll is undermined by one unforeseen glitch – they are capable of gaining conscience. One by one, more and more androids start to experience emotions and attempt to flee in order to being a new life. This is what happened to the main heroes of the game.

One of them, Kara, ran off with a teenage girl to escape her owner’s abuse. Now they have to make their way over the border, but that won’t be easy. There are many obstacles and challenges they have to cope with. As you perform various assignments and walk along the very edge of the knife being in constant threat, you find out the shocking truth: the girl is also an android! Now you’re both at risk of ending up at a recycling factory and you have to avoid that by all means.

At the same time, a group of rebellious androids led by former home carer Marcus who was labeled deviant after getting emotional in a fight with a burglar unfolds a massive campaign for the rights of their likes. They are pursued by FBI, particularly another android named Connor. He is programmed to track down deviants, but as he finds out more about Marcus and his philosophy, he is tempted to join the underground. What will you choose?