The day is nearing when robots turn out to be similarly as basic as PCs and cell phones. Imagine a scenario where it leads to more inconvenience than facilitation. Detroit: Become Human gives us a look into a future that can turn into genuine reality for us in a matter of years. The city is ruled by an immense company fabricating androids. They seem to have control over all spheres of urban life. However, there is an issue: a few robots begin exhibiting indications of soul picking up feelings and defying their designers. They escape in a frantic endeavor to set themselves free from the ones who made and programmed them to be just obedient machines. In any case, the organization won’t give them such a chance. They pursue the mutinous androids everywhere throughout the city sending other robots to devastate them. You will take the role of a female android who withdrew from her pitiless proprietor in search of others like her. She is chased by a robotic policemen customized to trace and execute his insubordinate associates. Will you have the capacity to get away from the terrible destiny and lastly escape from those endeavoring to dispense with you as a danger to their authority? With every decision you take everything can wind up in an unexpected way. What are you going to do next?