For Boys

We anticipate the coming of robots trusting they will enable our kind to flourish. However we hardly think what problems it can result in. Detroit: Become Human suggests its own explanation of the possible future. You are going to try on the plastic shoes of three androids, each driven by their own desires, fears and hopes. But how is this possible, you will ask. After all, they are robots, and robots don’t have feelings. Well, the paths of artificial intelligences are obscure for boys… When we deal with such complex technologies and sophisticated essences, you can never predict the outcome…

The organization behind android manufacture was confident it had everything in check. But things have run astray when a few androids began showing indications of human-like perception and emotions. They declined to take after requests and needed to be dealt with like humans. That is the reason huge numbers of them have fled from their proprietors and are currently on the run in a tremendous megapolis swarming with thousands of people. That makes the task of capturing them quite challenging. Unless there is another android to track them down, knowing how they think and act… This is where the destinies of three main characters of Detroit meet. How will it change their lives? You have a direct sway over it!

Detroit: Become Human doesn’t offer you a fixed story to follow. Instead, you are the one writing it on the fly with every your decision and action. Sometimes things will take such a sharp turn that you will be confused at the opening opportunities! What should you do in a critical situation? Will bend to your obligation or stick with your moral priorities? Will you follow your heart or clench the profit? Since everything that occurs on the screen inspires compelling passionate reaction and each character emerges as an unpredictable personality, you are sure to be swept away by the storm of events! With a staggering futuristic environment and an impending catastrophe approaching to an apparently prosperous megapolis, the game absorbs you right from the start and maintains the tension down to the last scene. Face the severe identity challenge standing before every deviant and finally become human despite being made of wires and plastic!