The action takes place in 2038 (not so far from us, eh?), in the fictional Motor City. The progress of nanotechnologies and artificial intelligence has changed our society. More and more androids exhibit successful results in the Turin Test checking if the machine is capable of emulating reasoning and behavior seen in humans. Androids flood all aspects of life, from street cleaning and baby sitting to space exploration. They are made to bring our civilization to unimaginable heights, but the very civilization they are meant to serve is slowly figuring that the ‘plastics’ are becoming their better copies. While the nature is highly damaged by a growing population and the fight over Arctic resources brings Russia and the U.S. on the verge of war, we find ourselves on the turning point of human history.

The story will put you in the shoes of three androids. One of them, Kara, serves as a housekeeper and suffers cruel attitude from her family. Another, Connor, is a professional model made for chasing his keen refusing to function according to their programs in a hope to lead an independent life. Finally, there is also Markus, a robot who got comparatively lucky and doesn’t experience much neglect from the house he lives in. The game combines elements of different genres. You are going to take part in shootouts, explore crime scenes looking for hints, unravel environmental puzzles and do a lot of other stuff. Your tasks will vary from daily routine like cooking dinner and washing the dishes to taking up platforming challenges and rake your brain over tricky riddles. The most fascinating thing about Detroit is that you’ll be a director rather than a player, affecting the way the story turns and proceed through multiple scenarios making different choices. Depending on your decisions, the course of events can change completely, eliminating entire branching paths and subplots. That allows you to replay Detroit repeatedly without losing interest.

Another aspect that makes the game stand out is its splendid visuals. Everything here looks and feels very real, down to the last detail. You won’t just be sent on a hectic series of missions, you’ll also need to cope with daily life, all the small things and chores it consists of. There are complex interactions between the characters and the more you get to know them the more you get emotionally involved with their troubles and triumphs. So if you are looking for a decent mix of a gripping, self-perpetuating story, heated action and engaging atmosphere, Detroit is definitely a game you should check out!